• Stop supporting Python 2.6. Fix and

  • PyPy.

  • Quote table/column names that are reserved keywords (order => “order”, values => values for MySQL).

  • RelatedJoin.hasOther(otherObject[.id])

  • createParamsPre/Post:

    class MyTable(SQLObject):
        class sqlmeta:
            createParamsPre = 'TEMPORARY IF NOT EXISTS'
            createParamsPre = {temporary: True, ifNotExists: True,
                               'postgres': 'LOCAL'}
            createParamsPost = 'ENGINE InnoDB'
            createParamsPost = {'mysql': 'ENGINE InnoDB',
                                'postgres': 'WITH OIDS'}
  • SQLObject.fastInsert().

  • IntervalCol

  • TimedeltaCol

  • Cached join results.

  • Invert tests isinstance(obj, (tuple, list)) to not isinstance(obj, basestr) to allow any iterable.

  • Always use .lazyIter().

  • Optimize - use cursor.fetchmany().

  • Generators instead of loops (fetchall => fetchone).

  • Cache columns in sqlmeta.getColumns(); reset the cache on add/del Column/Join.

  • Make ConnectionHub a context manager instead of .doInTransaction().

  • Make version_info a namedtuple.

  • Expression columns - in SELECT but not in INSERT/UPDATE. Something like this:

    class MyClass(SQLObject):
        function1 = ExpressionCol(func.my_function(MyClass.q.col1))
        function2 = ExpressionCol('sum(col2)')
  • A hierarchy of exceptions. SQLObject should translate exceptions from low-level drivers to a consistent set of high-level exceptions.

  • Memcache.

  • Refactor DBConnection to use parameterized queries instead of generating query strings.


  • Protect all .encode(), catch UnicodeEncode exceptions and reraise Invalid.

  • More kinds of joins, and more powerful join results (closer to how select works).

  • Better joins - automatic joins in .select() based on ForeignKey/MultipleJoin/RelatedJoin.

  • Deprecate, then remove connectionForOldURI.

  • Switch from setuptools to distribute.

  • Support PyODBC driver for all backends.

  • dbms is a DB API wrapper for DB API drivers for IBM DB2, Firebird, MSSQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and ODBC.

  • dict API: use getitem interface for column access instead of getattr; reserve getattr for internal attributes only; this helps to avoid collisions with internal attributes.

  • Or move column values access to a separate namespace, e.g. .c: row.c.column.

  • More documentation.

  • RSS 2.0 and Atom news feeds.

  • Use DBUtils, especially SolidConnection.

  • _fromDatabase currently doesn’t support IDs that don’t fit into the normal naming scheme. It should do so. You can still use _idName with _fromDatabase.
  • More databases supported. There has been interest and some work in the progress for Oracle. IWBN to have Informix and DB2 drivers.
  • Better transaction support – right now you can use transactions for the database, but objects aren’t transaction-aware, so non-database persistence won’t be able to be rolled back.
  • Optimistic locking and other techniques to handle concurrency.
  • Profile of SQLObject performance to identify bottlenecks.
  • Increase hooks with FormEncode validation and form generation package, so SQLObject classes (read: schemas) can be published for editing more directly and easily. (First step: get Schema-generating method into sqlmeta class)
  • Merge SQLObject.create*, .create*SQL methods with DBPI.create* methods.
  • Made SQLObject unicode-based instead of just unicode-aware. All internal processing should be done with unicode strings, conversion to/from ascii strings should happen for non-unicode DB API drivers.
  • Allow to override ConsoleWriter/LogWriter classes and makeDebugWriter function.
  • Type annotations and mypy tests.
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