Download SQLObject

The latest releases are always available on the Python Package Index, and is installable with pip or easy_install.

You can install the latest release with:

pip install -U SQLObject


easy_install -U SQLObject

You can install the latest version of SQLObject with:

easy_install SQLObject==dev

You can install the latest bug fixing branch with:

easy_install SQLObject==bugfix

If you want to require a specific revision (because, for instance, you need a bugfix that hasn’t appeared in a release), you can put this in your setuptools using file:


This says that you need revision 1485 or higher. But it also says that you can aquire the “bugfix” version to try to get that. In fact, when you install SQLObject==bugfix you will be installing a specific version, and “bugfix” is just a kind of label for a way of acquiring the version (it points to a branch in the repository).


The SQLObject git repositories are located at and

Before switching to git development was performed at the Subversion repository that is no longer available.

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